Episode 505 (AFRTS) dates from April 24, 1964. Classical music was a staple programming choice on Armed Forces Radio and Television Services broadcasts and became rather popular considering that most G.I.s would have had little or no exposure to "long-hair" music before entering the service. A terrific introduction to classical music came from The Enchantment of Music program originating from Southern California. 98.7 on the FM dial was occupied by KMGM, a station run by the Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer movie studios beginning in 1948, but since the studio had no real use for an FM station, it was shut down in 1953. The following year, the station, studio, and all of its broadcasting equipment were purchased by Art and Jean Crawford, owners of Crawford's of Beverly Hills Record and HiFi Store on the soon-to-be exclusive Rodeo Drive. The newly-christened KCBH featured a classical music format and presented high fidelity stereo broadcasts at a time when no one really knew what to do with FM radio. The Enchantment of Music was a collection of concerts of "Light Classic music from California, designed for pleasant listening to melodies of the Masters, Old, and New"...(